Data Science for Not-for-Profits

A gentle introduction for organisations interested in becoming more data-driven

Our on-demand tutorials are based on a successful in-person series attended by over 100 not-for-profit organisations of all sizes.

Social sector professionals can now develop their understanding of data science from wherever they are, at their own pace (with optional video sessions with the facilitator for support and assistance).

The tutorial provided a framework for how I can determine our capacity for data science! Diving straight into data analysis is how a lot of us have ended up in our current situation of not making the best use of our data … this was valuable to take a step back and reassess.

— Tutorial participant (2019)

The tutorials complement our two freely available publications:

Get started

Each tutorial contains two hours of material, a combination of short lecture-style videos, quiz questions and resources.

They are designed to be taken in a series, or you can choose specific topics. Upon enrolling in any of the courses, you can participate in regular Zoom sessions with the facilitator (a data scientist from Our Community) who will field any queries and suggest next steps.

Registrations are $48 per tutorial, or free for tenants of Our Community House.

More tutorials are coming online soon:

  • Tutorial 3: Initiating Successful Data Projects
  • Tutorial 4: Getting Hands-On with Data Quality


For more information & advice, visit the Our Community Innovation Lab.

Our data science resources are proudly supported by Equity Trustees.

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