The What & Why of Data Science for Not-for-Profits (Tutorial 1)
The What & Why of Data Science for Not-for-Profits (Tutorial 1)
What’s “data science” about? How can it multiply impact? This tutorial explores the rapidly evolving term “data science” (including how a modern data-savvy team operates), outlines different sources and uses of data in typical...
Asking the Right Questions (Tutorial 2)
Asking the Right Questions (Tutorial 2)
Now that you’ve considered your organisation’s data readiness, you’re ready to start scoping questions for a data project. Perhaps you have questions about your fundraising, gaps in your services or how to gather more accurate...
Initiating Successful Data Projects (Tutorial 3)
Initiating Successful Data Projects (Tutorial 3)
When it’s time for you to make your data project a reality, this tutorial will take you through our project brief template step-by-step so you can stay focused on the questions unique to your organisation’s needs. Questions like: What are...
Getting Hands-On with Data Quality (Tutorial 4)
Getting Hands-On with Data Quality (Tutorial 4)
In this tutorial, we’ll cover the dimensions of data quality, the importance of entering good quality data and how to effectively educate staff and volunteers in doing so. It will include a hands-on exercise to evaluate data quality. It’s...

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